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Skip Hire Explained – Everything You Need To Know

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Skip Hire Explained – Everything You Need To Know

Skip Hire Explained – Everything You Need to Know
Just Skip Bins has made the process to hire skip bins in Sydney as streamlined as possible. Learn our three key steps below.

Choose the Right-Sized Skip Bins
The first step to ordering your skip bins in Sydney is to choose which size is right for you. Though we offer an easy, intuitive process to order skip bins through our online process, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose exactly what you need.

Just Skip Bins offers skip bins of a range of different sizes, to suit whichever specific use you have in mind. These range from skip bins that hold 2 to 3 tonnes, for a small household or garden clean-up, right up to skip bins of 12 to 14 tonnes, for major construction or demolition sites. Choose the right bin for you and book online today.

Obtain a Council Permit, If Needed
Do you need to obtain a council permit? Whether or not you need a permit depends on where your skip bins will be placed. If your skip bins will be on your own property, that’s private land so no permits are required.

However, for skip bins on public land such as the berm between your lawn and the footpath, you will first need a council permit. Don’t worry, this is an easy process! Just download the council permit form, directly from the Just Skip Bins website. You will have to choose the right form according to which area you live in, as each council has a separate permit form.

Open Your Account with Just Skip Bins
Will you need to order skip bins in Sydney more than once? If you are a builder, landscaper or anyone else who needs skip bins often, open your account to get the benefits of being a regular customer.

With your own account, you can streamline the process of ordering skip bins, making it quick and accurate each time to organise their delivery and pick-up. A personal account also means you can store the details for your chosen payment option. Skip bins are about simplifying the disposal process, after all, and that includes the digital side of the process as well as the physical!

Ready to Order Skip Bins in Sydney?
Now that the process has been cleared up, it’s time to order your skip bins. Get your quote with Just Skip Bins.

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