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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions When Hiring a Skip Bin

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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions When Hiring a Skip Bin

What Waste Can I Put in Skip Bins?
Whether you’re on a construction site or just want to clear the house, Just Skip Bins can take care of most of your rubbish. You can put construction and demolition waste into our skip bins for easy disposal, including building materials such as brick, tile, concrete, asphalt and rock.

If you are gardening or landscaping, we also offer skip bins for soil and green garden, for everything from branches and bark to grass clippings and weeds. Skip bins are versatile enough to take on household rubbish such as paper, cardboard and all metals, so it’s perfect for a deep spring-clean of the house.

What Can’t Be Put in Skip Bins?
As so much can be put into skip bins, what to avoid may be a more relevant question! Skip bins can’t take food waste and liquid waste. We can’t take liquids such as paint, fuel or solvents. If you have waste that is allowed, such as soil or cardboard, but it’s been contaminated with food or liquids, then this can’t be put into your skip bins.

Another category that can’t be put into skip bins is hazardous materials. The key one to avoid is asbestos which, as you can imagine, is a common household waste item from many Sydney homes. Other forbidden hazardous items include electrical appliances, batteries, gas cylinders and medical waste.

Can I Keep the Skip Bin Longer than 7 Days?
Of course you can! While skip bin hire is usually for 7 days, our customer team is here to accommodate for your wishes. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs, and we can arrange a different time frame.

Do the Skip Bins Have Gates?
Most of our skip bins have gates, which makes it easier for wheelbarrows to access them while loading the skip bin. However, this depends on the size of the skip bin chosen, so please contact us for more information.

Can I Leave Skip Bins on the Footpath?
Do you live in suburban Sydney, and it’s more convenient to leave the skip bin on your footpath? This depends on the regulations of each local government area, so a permit may be required. Contact us and we’ll help sort you out for your council area.

Want to Hire a Skip Bin?
Questions all cleared up now? Get a quote for your skip bin hire Sydney.

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