Just Skip Bins is a 100% Australian owned company with 20 years’ experience in Waste Management Services and Resource Recovery. We specialise in providing skip bin hire and recycling services to construction sites and households across the Sydney Metropolitan area.

With over 2,000 skip bins in stock and a dedicated fleet of Marrell and Hook Lift trucks on road, we provide reliable and dependable service to our clients.

Just Skip Bins forms part of KLF Group, who operates two strategically located EPA approved resource recovery and recycling facilities. They are located at Camellia and Asquith. With an additional two sites in the pipeline, you can be confident of all your waste requirements being met.

Just Skip Bins is committed to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. We process and recycle waste in a compliant, lawful, and environmentally sustainable manner with more than 85% of the waste collected by Just Skip Bins being recycled and diverted from landfill.

Just Skip Bins is Greenstar Certified, we also have ISO 9001, 14001 & 4801 certification.

Mixed Waste
Bin Type Maximum Weight Price EX GST
1.5 1 Tonne $375.00
2 2 Tonne $400.00
4 3 Tonne $550.00
5 4 Tonne $630.00
6 5 Tonne $725.00
7 6 Tonne $840.00
8 7 Tonne $940.00
9 8 Tonne $1,025.00
10 8 Tonne $1,135.00
12 8 Tonne $1,230.00
13 9 Tonne $1,300.00
15 8 Tonne $1,410.00
17 8 Tonne $1,780.00
25 5 Tonne $2,000.00
30 6 Tonne $2,550.00


Brick & Concrete
Bin Type Maximum Weight Price Ex GST
2 2 Tonne  $280.00
4 4 Tonne  $360.00
5 5 Tonne  $480.00
6 6 Tonne  $520.00
7 7 Tonne  $590.00
8 8 Tonne  $665.00
9 9 Tonne  $760.00
10 10 Tonne  $855.00
12 10 Tonne  $925.00
13 10 Tonne  $950.00


Bin Type Maximum Weight Price Ex GST
2 2 Tonne  $350.00
4 4 Tonne  $350.00
5 5 Tonne $350.00
6 6 Tonne $350.00
7 7 Tonne  $350.00
8 8 Tonne  $350.00
9 9 Tonne  $350.00
10 10 Tonne  $400.00
12 10 Tonne  $400.00
13 10 Tonne  $400.00


Chargeable Extras
Cartage Ex GST Charge Per Tonne EX GST
Non-recyclable material heavy $350.00  $350.00
Clay & Wet Material Non-recyclable  $350.00  $350.00
Asbestos  $350.00  $450.00
Excess Weight Charge $280.00
Relocation of Bin $250.00
Futile $250.00


Site Bins
Bin Type Dimensions Maximum Weight Price Per Week EX GST
240L Bin 1.060m x 0.580m x 0.640m   N/A POA
660L Bin 1.20m x 1.225m x 0.770m N/A   POA
1100L Bin 1.390m x 1.265m x 1.090m N/A POA
1.5m3 Bin 1.6m x 0.90m x 1.0m N/A   POA
3.0m3 Bin 1.8m x 1.14m x 0.9m   N/A   POA


4.0m3  Bin 2.9m x 1.7m x 1.0m N/A  POA
Delivery Fee $350
Pick Up Fee $350


    • TERMS & CONDITIONSAll prices are GST Exclusive. Bins can remain on-site for a maximum of 7 days for COD Customers and Account Customers 21-day Hire. Bins may be picked up on-site after 7 days for COD Customers and 21 days for Account Customers at Just Skip Bins discretion. Prices for longer term rentals are available on request.
      1. Damage:

      Damages to bins incurred during hiring period will result in additional charge of $1,500. Bin Movements/Relocations/Cancellations incur an additional charge of $250.

      1. Wait Times:

      Wait & Load Bins will be given 20 minutes to load. Additional waiting time will be charged at $150/hr.

      1. Site Use:

      Bins are not to be moved or relocated on-site following delivery by Just Skip Bins without the express written permission of Just Skip Bins. Under no circumstances are non-crane able bins to be moved by crane or other unapproved methods.

      1. Safety:

      With respect to bin weights and community and driver safety, all relevant RMS and industry guidelines, Section C of the NTC Load restraint Guide 2004, and the Work Health & Safety Act and Regulation 2011 are recognised by the company. Accordingly, company specified weight limits for all bins need to be adhered to. Drivers have the discretion and right to refuse to load any bin they consider to be unsafe or overloaded in line with legislation, guidelines or company policy.

      1. Excess Weight:

      Excess weight will be charged as an additional fee at $280 per tonne over maximum weight of the bin. Refer to our website www.justskipbins.com.au for bin sizes, capacity per bin and dimensions.

      1. Site Bins:

      There will be a charge on ALL site bins. No FREE site bins will be available to any site. Each site bin will incur a $350  delivery fee and pick up fee of $350.

      An extra charge will incur if site bins are picked up with waste in them.

      An extra charge will incur if site bins come back damaged, e.g. broken wheels, etc.

      1. Prohibited Items:

      Asbestos, liquids, food waste, noxious weeds, gas bottles, fire extinguishers and contaminated waste and soils are not accepted and if found will incur a handling fee. Any bins returned with asbestos without previous notification will be charged an additional rate.

      • Asbestos

      $480 per Tonne plus cartage of $350.

      Please note: regardless of the amount of asbestos in the bin, the whole load is deemed as contaminated in line with the Protection of the Environment and Operations Act 1997, it’s associated regulations and EPA NSW’s Waste Classification Guidelines 2009.

      • Clay & Wet Material, Carpet, Rubber & Non-Recyclable

      $365 per Tonne plus cartage $350

      1. Recycling Reports:

      Recycling Reports will be charged at $100 per report and will be issued monthly on request.

      1. Waste Classification Report:

      GSW Recyclable can only be accepted with a waste classification report.

      1. Weighbridge Docket:

      Once the material has been received and a weighbridge docket has been signed by a driver/company representative, the material type on your docket will be invoiced. Any discrepancy must be dealt with on the spot when the load can be clearly seen.



      • Just Skip Bins offers an account payment facility (for approved applicants only). Payments outside of terms or non-payment of accounts due may be claimed under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 NSW No 46.
      • All prices are GST Exclusive.
      • Prices are subject to increases in state or national levies (e.g. EPA levy), government imposts or regulatory changes causing an increase in the costs of supplying the services.