How Much Can I Put In A Bin?

Bins are rented out by the volume in cubic metres. They are to be filled up to ‘water level only’, i.e. not above the rim!

  • It is illegal to transport a waste container loaded beyond its dimensional limits. Large fines are applicable, as well as demerit points against a driver’s licence if a truck is pulled up by the RTA or police.
  • Whilst tarpaulins are used to prevent material escaping during transit, they have no structural integrity (legal or actual), thus they are not strong enough to prevent heavier debris from dislodging.
  • The same applies to ‘hungry boards’. These are sheets of waste material such as gyprock, doors, plywood etc that are placed along the inside perimeter of the bin, effectively increasing the volume.
  • At JUST SKIP BINS, we try to offer the lowest prices possible. If every bin however, came back to our depot overloaded, over the course of one year it could be as much as 3000 cubic metres of waste material we must process that hasn’t been paid for. This equates to a lot of money. $250,000 which we would have to then incorporate into our bin prices.

Get The Most Out Of Your Skip Bin

Some tips to maximise your bin load without over-filling

  • Pack bin carefully leaving no airspace
  • Break up or crush larger items such as furniture
  • Don’t put items in a bin if the council recycles it for free e.g. cardboard, glass bottles
  • Store the bin on your property if possible to deter anonymous donations.

What Can I Put In A Bin?

It is quicker to list what can’t go in a bin!

  • Noxious chemicals
  • Large amounts of wet paint (a few tins are OK).

When the bin is loaded, ask yourself this question…Would I like to drive behind a truck carrying this on the road?


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